MASH - for those
who create.
Our goal is the best tool for

Monetization of authors' creativity and revenue growth.

Building a powerful community.

Quit the race of likes and views.

About MASH in a one minute
Аuthors matter

Since the first days of the media, there has been an uneven interchange between creators and platforms.

Platforms, in exchange for access to the audience, artificially bind the author and the audience to themselves. Forced to compete for attention, which leads to burn-out.

We want authors to be independent and give more time to their passion, to their creativity. They had access to their audience and to as many monetizing tools as possible.

That's why MASH was created.

Those one who create, entertain, educate, help others.
Your time has come.
Take yours
Of course, existing platforms are good for what they do - attracting an audience.
But now it's up to you to use it for your own good. And gather the core of your audience into a community.
A community that believes, supports and thrives with you.
All digital and physical products are sold in one app.
Private community
Predictable and stable income
Preservation audience
UGC content
All you need to create exclusive subscription content
  • Stories
  • Live Streams
  • Giveaways
  • Podcasts
  • Blog
  • Vlogs
Courses and master classes can also be held here
  • Courses
  • Master Classes
  • Quizzes
  • Challenges
  • Home works
Build your fans' community
  • Themed Chat Rooms
  • Personal chat with creator
  • Refferal System
  • Events
  • Ratings, achievments
Get financial support and a consistent income
  • Digital and Physical products market
  • Community subscription
  • AD sponsorship
  • Loyalty system
  • Video signs
  • Discounts
  • Donations
Permanent and predictable revenue stream

Forget unreliable advertisements and pay-per-view. Earn a regular income thanks to your audience and a wide range of monetization tools in one place

The audience can buy everything from digital to physical products created by you.

Creative freedom

Your followers will go from viewer to valuable member of the community. Gaining status and rating. Opening privileges and bonuses.

Transforming a subscriber into a community leader

Create what you and your fans like. No longer need to please the mass audience and adjust to the advertising models of monetization.

Direct communication

No more trolls and algorithms. Just direct communication with the true connoisseurs of your creativity.

With a monthly subscription, fans can participate in your creative process. You provide them with exclusive materials, invite them into the community of like-minded people, and let them look behind the scenes. And in return, you get the freedom and stability you need to unleash your potential and build your creative career.

You get, the preservation of the audience, a predictable and stable income, a club of like-minded people united around you and creativity.


In the near future we will provide a tool that allows authors to share community rights with their members. Together to develop, strengthen and guide it.

Authors' council

The authors will receive an NFT-voting token. Together, we will decide which features will be added to the platform. And to regulate the rules of our community.

Steps to launch.
  1. Register on the platform as an author
  2. Fill the community with content
  3. Invite subscribers and followers to join the community
  4. Build the community's core and goals, start monetizing
June 2024
In Progress
Beta launch of the platform for the first group of authors and users
July 2024
In Progress
Testing and receiving feedback from authors, fans.
August 2024
To Do
Launch the platform, for all authors and users.
September 2024
To Do
Running UGC content within the community.
Reward systems within communities.
Authors vote for release features
Closed communities with NFT membership cards.
Crowdfunding for communities
Launch a personal token a platform.
  • MASH

    MASH is a platform for creating communities based on common interests, personal brand. Where your audience gathers from different social networks.

  • Is it replace other social media?

    No. On the contrary, we encourage you to actively pursue the development of your personal brand on alternative sites. Since they are the top marketing funnel. And the more you have an audience, the bigger community you can build on the MASH platform.

  • Supported languages

    We want everyone to feel at home on our platform. Therefore, the MASH website and mobile apps are available in different languages. Below is a list of supported languages. It will be added over time.

    • English
    • Espanol
    • Russian